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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Saturday August 28, 2004. Deadbeat? Deceased? Credit no problem! Today's mail included a pre-approved credit card offer from a catalog company.

***Around the corner to Southwest Senior Center for this month's Fare for All food.

Someone from Fare for All's headquarters came by to ask the site volunteers how things were going. Answer: too many substitutions this month. The warehouse had run out of green peppers and onions, and had substituted extra potatoes.

There were also ten-pound bags of potatoes as an extra for people who wanted them. I began to get the feeling there's a lot of potatoes available this month.
"The sociological method of social constructionism is to look at the ways social phenomena are created, institutionalized, and made into tradition by humans. Their focus is on the description of the institutions, the actions, and so on, not on analyzing causes and effects. Socially constructed reality is seen as an on-going dynamic process; reality is re-produced by people acting on their interpretation and their knowledge of it. It can be seen here that social construction describes subjective, rather than objective, reality - that is, reality as we can perceive it rather than reality as it is, separate from our perceptions."

That's how I view human society: an ongoing dynamic process among individuals. (Constrained by objective reality -- a limitation not all social constructionists accept.)
Writing: daily exercise -- Done.

"They Might Be Windmills" -- Notes carrying the story farther. A bit of rewording.
Decluttering: Trash out. Dishes washed.

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