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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Schwarzenegger Bobblehead to Lose Gun
Zap2it.com - 55 minutes ago
LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally settled a lawsuit involving the use of his image to sell a bobblehead doll.
'Morning Edition' Returns: Disarming Arnold NPR (audio)
Schwarzenegger Doll Survives a Lawsuit New York Times
San Francisco Chronicle - BBC News - 580 CFRA Radio - fashiongates.com - and 121 related
Have Faith or Pandemonium/Liable to Walk Upon the Scene
Posted by Belle Waring

I have it on excellent authority that small kittens have done literally dozens of impossibly cute things in Iraq, yesterday alone. But are we going to read about that in the so-called paper of record? No, it’s all “there was this coordinated attack on Christian churches”, and “militants kill Turkish hostage; trucking group withdraws from Iraq over safety concerns.” As Tacitus blogger Bird Dog rightly asks, “Which is actually more newsworthy, something we hear about every day (terrorist bombings) or previously unheard of signs that Iraqis are stepping forth and taking steps to restore their country?” Signs like that one time in Mosul, when the kitten pretended to stalk and pounce on that dented beer cap, like it was a mouse or something, and everybody laughed. Remember that? Right before the mortar attack, remember?
Posted on August 3, 2004 11:51 AM UTC
Law enforcement in Mexico goes a bit bionic
Microchip implants for police show how far the government will go to try to bring safety to the streets. By Monica Campbell
From the Economist newsletter on Hong Kong:
August 9th 2004

In Hong Kong, the Taoist deity Kwan Tai is the god of policemen and Triads, the notorious Chinese mobsters. It may seem a strange pairing, but Kwan Tai, once known as the God of War, represents two sides of the same coin. The historical Kwan Tai was a hero from the Three Kingdoms period (220-265 AD). He was later deified for his loyalty and integrity.

His birthday is not a big festival in Hong Kong, although offerings are burnt in his honour at police stations across the city. If you do want to catch some festivities, the best place to go is the Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road, near Central, where there is a statue of Kwan Tai with an eternal flame at its feet.
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