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Friday, August 27, 2004

Some Reasons for the Way I'm Voting

When the elder George Bush failed to get re-elected, one thing I said was:

"When Reagan spoke I remembered that I was an American. When George Bush speaks, I remember that I'm a Democrat."

And when this George Bush speaks, I also remember that I'm an agnostic of Jewish (not "Judeochristian") ancestry; I'm a city-dweller; use more of my income to pay medical expenses than I like to think about; and opposed the Vietnam war.

More recently, I've said that there are two reasons why I don't hate George W. Bush: 1) I'm not a conservative; 2) I'm not a Republican.

I don't consider the present administration (the President and his apparatchiks) up to the standard of honesty I expect from politicians. Nor do I consider them competent.
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