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Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Swift Boat "nonpartisan group" political ads are almost certainly inaccurate. I'm basing this on the relative silence of the side which would benefit if they had proved to be true.

Democratic political bloggers have been talking a lot about the accusations that Kerry's military honors were based on lies. They've been saying what one might expect, and about what they've said before. (See http://conventionbloggers.com, home of bloggers accredited to the Democratic National Convention.)

On the other hand, Republican political bloggers seem to have turned their attention to other topics. And when they do discuss this, they don't say the Swift Boat ads are true. They say that it's an outrage for the media to have treated this differently from the questions about Bush's military service (or lack of it). Or that Swift Boat is no worse than Democratic-boosting 527 "nonpartisan" groups. (See http://rnc.conventionbloggers.com.)
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