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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Thursday August 5, 2004. I'm sick with something that mostly affects my digestive system.

***Mail: Einblatt, Mnstf's newsletter; news and events in the Twin Cities sf community. As usual, about half of these aren't directly related to Mnstf.

De Profundis, LASFS newsletter; sf-related news and events in the Los Angeles area, condensed minutes of meetings and Board meetings.

Some local sf fandoms have central clubs; there may be other clubs in the area, but they mostly connect at the central club. Some have two or more main clubs. Some have a bunch of clubs, or perhaps no formal clubs at all.

LASFS is the central club in the LA area. Mnstf used to be the central club in the Twin Cities.
Writing: daily exercise -- Done.

"Well Met, Well Met, My Own True Love" -- Took out one scene. Clarified the ending (or so I hope.)

"They Might Be Windmills" --
"History Line" --
"Port Useless" --
Decluttering: Started using the baskets and other containers I've gotten recently. Pens are mostly in one place, where I can find them easily. Paper clips are in one place. Teabags are in a jar, rather than a zip-bag. Aspartame is in a basket, rather than an old box. Dried beans have gone from a zip-bag to a jar.

[August 2] in 1961, the Silver Beatles, headed by drummer Pete Best, begin regular engagements in Liverpool’s Cavern Club. After Best leaves the band the next year, they keep playing with replacement drummer Ringo Starr, but without Best, the band has no real charisma.
New peril in driver's seat: films on DVD
As GPS screens proliferate, more drivers pass the time by watching movies. By Eric C. Evarts
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