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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tuesday August 10, 2004. Today's main event was the Minneapolis SF Writers Meetup.

Before that: Went to Steeple People thrift store, where the free magazines included two issues of Discover from last year. Went to the Wedge Co-op.

On to the Midtown Public Market. I got there too early, though after the official opening time. The music wasn't going yet, and some things weren't yet set up.

***The SF Writers Meetup was at Dulano's Pizza, best known for Bluegrass music. It's also
close to DreamHaven Books, and has become the place people go to after the reading series at DreamHaven.

There'd been some discussion of combining the Meetup with that after-readings gathering. Decision taken: It's not going to be combined.

However -- next month, Meetup will change so that there can be more than one meeting in an area. So if someone wants to be a meeting organizer, and make that gathering also an SF
Writers' Meetup....

I found this Meetup useful. I explained why I was setting aside "Well Met, Well Met, My Own True Love." And later during the meeting, I figured out what changes I'll need to make when I get back to it. (Introduce one character near the middle rather than at the end, to begin with.)

[To find out what Meetup is about, web over to http://meetup.com.]
Writing: daily exercise --
"They Might Be Windmills" --
"History Line" --
"Port Useless" --
Decluttering: Refrigerator cleared out, trash taken out.

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