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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tuesday August 24, 2004.

Newsgroups: soc.politics
Subject: Re: Affirmative action is offensive!
From: Dan Goodman
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 22:34:28 -0500

Richard < > wrote in

> Funny how visible minorities like Orientals and Asian Indians, Arabs seem to do fine in > the U.S.

Funny how all Americans of British ancestry are rich, and all Americans of German ancestry are religious pacifists.

> while Blacks and Latinos (note the work ethics of the first groups versus the second)
> need help. I guess there is no discrimination against people who want to
> WORK FOR A LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your knowledge of American history is sadly deficient. There were laws intended to prevent "unfair" competition by Orientals and Blacks, within the lifetimes of people still living. Major League baseball had rules to keep Blacks from taking jobs away from white players merely because they were better. Unions had rules to protect white members from Black and Hispanic competition.

There was also discrimination against Whites who belonged to the wrong religion. But of course, everyone knows that Mormons, Jews, and Catholics are incurably lazy.

As for there being no discrimination against Arabs -- you haven't been reading the news, have you?
Writing: daily exercise -- Done: Reducing Hand Damage From Typing

Take breaks and do something else with your hands. Play with modeling clay. Roll two golfballs in the palm of your hand. (Or you can spend more money on Chinese exercise balls.) Play with pet toys.

My current favorite: a length of chain which I think is a short dog leash. I toss it from hand to hand.

If you can, change the way you type every now and then.

Meanwhile, cooking can be easier with equipment designed for people with hand problems. In the US, I recommend Oxo or Good Grips (made by the same company). I use an Oxo can opener because I'm lefthanded and open cans righthanded. (I've tried using a lefthanded can opener, and couldn't make the switch.) I don't really need Oxo soupspoons and such, but I like using them; and they show up in thrift stores for prices as low as a quarter.

The Oxo tea kettle (secondhand, about three times the price of other kettles) is an extravagance for me.
"They Might Be Windmills" -- Zero-drafted some dialog, for a scene beyond what I thought was the end of the story.
Decluttering: Picked up some trash.

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