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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Wednesday August 25, 2004. "Vampire Mermaids" -- title of an amateur erotic horror story at http://www.literotica.com. I think that's a new combination.

***Pillsbury House had hired a new Volunteer Coordinator, after several months of people handling parts of the job in their spare time.

I'd expected some glitches before I got down to doing data entry for the Community Barter Network and Pillsbury House's volunteer program. I hadn't expected the ones which turned up.

***To Uncle Hugo's; and then to Uncle Edgar's. I found a used copy of Dashiell Hammett's
The Maltese Falcon, and looked through it a bit. Argh!

The style was okay, I guess; and it didn't grate on me too much. Characterization seemed to be mostly tags and quirks.
Political blog watch: Democratic bloggers look forward to the Kerry landslide victory; see http://dem.conventionbloggers.com. Republican bloggers look forward to the Bush landslide; see http://conventionbloggers.com.

Things to watch for: Wednesday November 3rd, those on the losing side will explain that the loss was due to
1) Excessive moderation; the majority who agree with us would have been energized by a more principled stand.
2) Media bias; it's obvious that the media slanted everything in favor of Those Bastards.
3) Voting fraud.
4) Alien Space Bats.
Writing: daily exercise -- Done. See above. Also posted to soc.politics.

"They Might Be Windmills" -- Added some notes. Advanced older notes to zero draft.
Decluttering: Got a bunch of trash out.

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