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Sunday, August 08, 2004

A writer I hadn't expected to see quoted on a political blog:

The oldest & strongest emotion of mankind is fear. — H.P. Lovecraft
August 8, 2004
Lingering Sex Scandal in Chile Still Roils and Divides the Political Heirs of Pinochet

SANTIAGO, Chile - For Chile's right wing, it has become the scandal that refuses to go away. Though the "Caso Claudio Spiniak" began as a squalid sexual matter, it has been transformed into a political issue that has divided supporters of Gen. Augusto Pinochet and pitted them against an increasingly combative news media.

The scandal has been agitating Chile since late last year, when María Pía Guzmán, a conservative member of Congress, denounced what she described as a prostitution and child pornography ring and accused Mr. Spiniak, the nouveau riche owner of a string of health clubs, of leading it. She said that some of her own political allies were involved.
Mr. Longueira has denounced the accusations against party members as a "political montage." But he weakened his case and drew popular scorn by saying he had reached that conclusion as the result of prayer sessions in which he was communicating with the spirit of the founder of the party, his friend Jaime Guzmán, who was assassinated by anti-Pinochet guerrillas in 1991 and is no relation to Ms. Guzmán....
[After this, it starts reading like a Carl Hiassen-William Burroughs collaboration.]
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