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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Friday September 3, 2004. "Try using the fact that sin is periodic." Dan Goodman -- the one who teaches mathematics at Warwick University in England.

A bit startling till I realized he was talking about mathematics rather than theology.

In The Tides of God, Ted Reynolds postulated that religious belief is periodic. Someone could probably get a story out of the idea that sinfulness is periodic. Of course, this requires explaining the lack of historical support for sin-free periods.
I woke up this morning with the realization that I'd become as good at seeing people's strengths as at seeing their weaknesses.

This may not yet be entirely true, but it's a lot closer to being true than it used to be.

Writing: From a post to rec.arts.sf.composition: The current story begins with people. Any idea which doesn't fit those people, I'm weeding out. Any Cool Background Detail which doesn't fit those people, I'm weeding out. Any plot twist which doesn't fit those people, I'm weeding out.

daily exercise --

"They Might Be Windmills" -- More zero draft added; including the idea of people gene-engineered as forecasters.
Decluttering: Did laundry. Took out trash. Figured out a place for some things which were usually in the way.

Worldcon panels -- not just for attendees anymore! From Kate Nepveau:

TNH [Teresa Neilson Hayden] reported that Steve Brust says that explanations are always an opportunity to get in an argument with the reader. Never explain, describe: not how it works, how you use it. DD [Debra Doyle] added, what happens when it breaks down.
September 03, 2004
Panel Report: "As You Know, Bob: The Positives and Negatives of Infodumps in Writing"
China faces future as land of boys
In the past two decades in China, female births have declined markedly compared with male births. By Robert Marquand
From the UK edition of Google News:
Make games not nukes: DTI outsources to Russia
ZDNet.co.uk - 14 hours ago
The UK government is hoping an ambitious scheme to outsource UK software development to former Russian nuclear scientists will encourage the weapons experts to remain in-situ rather than seek work with foreign governments or terrorist networks.
Nuclear scientists turn game makers DMeurope.com
Russian Nuclear Scientists Take Aim at Internet Reuters
Scotland on Sunday - PublicTechnology.net - all 12 related ยป
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