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Thursday, September 16, 2004

From Google News:
Rembrandt was cross-eyed
ABC Science Online - 1 hour ago
Renowned 17th century Dutch artist Rembrandt may have been cross-eyed, according to US researchers. They say this form of stereoblindness, which occurs when someone's eyes are not aligned when looking at an ...
Wall-Eye May Have Helped Rembrandt's Vision Reuters
Did Walleye Make Rembrandt a Master? Forbes
Health Talk - Miami Herald (subscription) - WebMD - all 65 related ยป
Via the India edition of Google News, two American words I hadn't encountered before. "Celebumom" is probably a newspaper-clever coinage, but "skeezy" seems to be a word used by real people.

Mom: Brit's not trashy (at least from feet up)
Arizona Republic - 31 minutes ago
Celebumom Lynne Spears says the media have been way too harsh in their criticism of daughter Britney's habit of walking barefoot into public bathrooms and looking generally skeezy.
Does your arm ache from using a mouse to control your PC? Soon, you may be able to use your nose instead. The new system lets users shift the cursor on screen by waving their nose in the air. What's more, blinking the left or right eye twice takes the place of mouse clicks. The "nouse" could provide more intuitive ways for people to explore computer-generated environments or play 3D games, as well as making using a PC easier for some people with disabilities...MORE http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99996400

'Ghost bugs' could help cut pesticide use
The empty shells of bacterial cells can be filled with chemicals and will stick to leaves and stems even after heavy rain

China's changing farms damaging soil and water
Rapid urbanisation is destroying China's agriculture and its ability to feed one-fifth of the world's people

China's GM trees get lost in bureaucracy
China has planted a million genetically modified trees to tackle desertification and flooding - but no one knows for sure where they all are
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