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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The St. Paul Pioneer Press had an explanation of all the changes they've made To Better Serve Your Community. I emailed a comment:

Subject: My community is not being served

I live in Minneapolis. Evidently, the Pioneer Press does not consider Minneapolis to be within its area.

Please let me know if you ever decide to have a Minneapolis edition. Meanwhile, I'll be reading the Star Tribune -- even though in many ways I prefer the Pioneer Press.

Answer: "Dan -- I appreciate the note. I would love to put out a Minneapolis edition; I don't think it's in the cards very soon. The Pioneer Press has always had as its mission serving readers in the East Metro. That requires us to cover Minneapolis for people who live in East Metro, and I think our arts, business, sports and other coverage shows that. But we do try to stick to our knitting and give the bulk of our resources to covering news about communities on this side of the river. Glad to hear that in some ways you prefer us."

You think your state leads in political flakiness? New York State is a strong competitor:

Meanwhile, a Republican effort to hold onto a crucial State Senate seat suffered a major blow last night in a fiercely contested primary for the seat formerly held by Guy J. Velella, the once-powerful G.O.P. lawmaker who was convicted of felony bribery charges. Stephen B. Kaufman, a Democrat who planned to sit with Republicans in the Senate if elected, was defeated in yesterday's Democratic and Republican primaries, a loss that could whittle the Republican dominance of the Senate.

Mr. Kaufman was defeated by Jeffrey Klein, a fellow Assemblyman who said he was running as the true Democrat. Mr. Kaufman also lost the Republican primary to John Fleming, but he will be on the Conservative Party line in November.
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