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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sunday September 12, 2004. I did archeological fieldwork in my home. Slept more than usual.

***Went out for a while, and found the worst-run garage sale I can remember. To begin with, they weren't entirely sure what they wanted to keep and what they wanted to sell.

But I found something very useful among the stuff they'd thrown out.

On my way home, I encountered another garage sale. This one was mostly collectables; for example, a whole lot of salt shakers, pepper shakers, and sets of salt and pepper shakers.

A sign said there would be another sale next weekend -- for charity, proceeds going to the
Imperial Court of Minnesota. This one would have household items, clothing, and other more practical stuff.

A bit farther on, stuff left over from another garage sale had been left at the curb for garbage pick-up. It included several lamps which had been priced at $10.00. I remembered that someone in my building had mentioned wanting a lamp; I told him about it.
Writing: daily exercise -- Done, posted to this journal.

"They Might Be Windmills" -- One small change.
Decluttering: Got rid of some stuff. Filled a couple of trashbags while doing archeology fieldwork.

Mindwork: Resisted the temptation to just peek at http://dem.conventionbloggers.com and http://rnc.conventionbloggers.com. There are saner blogs than most of the ones digested there.

Thanks to http://www.livejournal.com/users/goddes/:
What If Bush Wins
Predictions on the likely consequences of a second term for President Bush.
By a panel of 16 writers
On Crooked Timber, Henry Farrell reviews Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: A Novel.. Crooked Timber concentrates on social/political/economic matters, and this review takes a different approach than other reviews are likely to.
What's wrong with this?:
Bush takes his of-the-people style to rural voters
Bush is working hard to woo voters in small towns to overcome Kerry's
advantage in bigger cities. By Liz Marlantes

Answer: In most of the US, "rural" and "small town" are not the same, any more than "urban" and "suburban." In some areas, long-standing antagonism between "farm people" and "town people" is reflected in voting patterns. This is probably less common than it used to be.
Just wanted to fill you in on my blog activity heres a sample post:

In my spare time, I posted something like an ad for this site on Google Groups. In the post I basically said "Hey I just visited this cool liberal blog where liberals and conservatives debate, you liberals and conservatives should really join. Obviously my posting name is chrisbilal and my email address has chris..bilal in it. Some veteran poster who thought he was a wise guy decided to challenge me and reveal that I was chrisbilal and I was contributing spam to the site. He gave me all of this negative criticism which said let the audience get to hear you write before you jump the gun and start promoting your site. I was pretty offended so I replied to his post- taking him up on his comments and his own idiotic blog which is on everyone of his posts. I linked to his blog (I dont know why I'm linking this) at dsgood.blogspot.com (hopefully this wont be a link). Its like a geek blog about him writing a book (that wont get published) and copy/paste articles from the web. He is asking me is my blog worthy? Well obviously google doesnt have a posting criteria. Well here is our argument you be the judge. The funny thing is- that my first reply to him didnt get posted- but somehow he was able to respond to it. Is that some kind of conspiracy. So basically, Google makes it look like this guy is ripping on me- but any sound person would want to know where my comments are. I checked the site for my first marketing post and it wasn't there.

Here are is his first response to my post: > There is this cool blog at http://chrisbilal.blogspot.com> > I was sent an invitation to join it. This what what he sampled from my post.

This is what he said. How very, very, very odd that you should happen to have the same name as the blog's owner.If you want to attract people from here to your blog -- oops, I mean your namesake's blog, which you have nothing to do with running -- I have a couple of suggestions:1) Contribute here for a while, so that people will have some idea whether the blog is likely to be worth looking at -- let alone contributing to.2) Don't write the same kind of "this isn't an ad" ad which makes up a noticeable percentage of usenet spam.

I responded rather harshly, but somehow it didnt post and I can only remember parts of what I said. Oh wait he sampled a small part of that too. Still not all of my points though. To the Discussion Forum Veteran for Truth, > > 1. Thank you sir, for noticing that everything about me involves the > term chrisbilal. My email address has chris......bilal in it, my user > name is chris bilal, my blog has chrisbilal in it. One can only deduct > that chrisbilal wrote the message about chris bilal's blog. I bet you > my name is probably Chris Bilal. > 3. On your statement about letting people get to know me before > talking about my blog: > > Its the other way around, i dont want people to read what I write > here, I want them to read what I write on my blog. > The funny thing is that through your comment, I can only guess that > you did visit my blog- that is what I intended you to do.

But what he didnt add was the fact that I said that posting on google groups is the same as posting on my blog. And I do have things to do so why write about the same thing twice. Why waste time and precious productivity. I have a life and I'm not on the internet twenty four hours a day. Which could have ended the whole argument.

His response to this was: There are umpteen political blogs. You have not provided a reason forvisiting _your_ blog, rather than any of perhaps a thousand others. Posting here as a sample of your thoughts, writing ability, etc. mightprovide people here with a reason to visit your blog. For example, this post of yours provides a sample of your thinking and writing styles. It This provides more information, which might leadpeople to visit your blog. Or to avoid it, of course. *Snicker*. You guessed wrong. For me, your post was equivalent to "Byemy speleng checkr." I saw no reason to bother.

I hate to admit it though, the speleng checkr thing was really funny though.

My response to that was:

Just like wannabe reporters to only use half of the information, and leave the rest out misleading the public. Amazingly, there was probably some program which mistakenly deleted most of my post, or you just intentionly left it out. I think it was the latter problem. Let me repost what I said, which somehow didn't make the cut- I only see your posts for some reason.
Either way, I remember saying that posting on this discussion forum and posting on my blog are basically the same thing. In because I have a job which includes being productive- I dont like to do the same thing twice. Unlike you Mr. Goodman, I have better things to do than surf the internet twenty-four hours a day in Google oblivion. I have a job, and I dont stay at the public library all day making posts on both google and your silly blog.
At first, by examining the bulk of your posts, you have a large share in the political posts- I thought that you were like this lobbyist on Capitol or something. Its obviously quite the difference, you are an enclosed weirdo (thanks to your blog). The advice that you gave to me about the worthiness of my blog can equally be applied to you.

Sample from your blog: " 1. Whenever I feel a compulsion to amass gold and jewels, and do nothing with my wealth except count it to make sure it's still there, I will seek psychiatric help. Preferably from a psychiatrist with expertise in dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, subcategory Checkers and Hoarders.

Sample from my blog: "You might catch me flip-flop on this issue. To me its a yes and a no. At first I planned on writing a 10 pararaph opinion on these malicious attack ads, things being blown out of context, those lying swift boat vets who didnt serve with Kerry, the SBVFT who was on one of Bush's steering committee, and the question of where the heck was bush. But I think that I did that most effectively in the last sentence that I wrote. But anyway.
Kerry's Vietnam record does matter when you have someone questioning it as a smear tactic. These ads aren't just about Kerry's duty, there moreso about Kerry's character. These attacks are an attempt top get the voters to look at Kerry as a liar and a traitor to his country. But if you ask Mr. Bush about anything about the 'Nam- you will get the almost mechanical, automated, practiced in front of the mirror, "I think he served admirably." If that's the case those ads wouldn't be out there. Considering that these ads are in support of the president. If these vets really believed that John Kerry served admirably, there would be no ads- because the group would be in support of what the President said. And thats obviously not the case. Kerry's record does become an issue when the president (by use of surrogates) says that John Kerry was dishonorable in the U.S. The reporters will ask, where were you?, the president will say "John Kerry served admirably." One good side effect of the SBVFT ad, is that it has gotten people like me to question where exactly Bush was. But of course we will get no answer because all of Bush's records have some how been misfiled, destroyed, misplaced, blacked out, or on aging microfilm."

You be the judge- who deserves to try to gain an audience for their blog the one about a book that will never get published or the one about politics that really matter. If anyone should have a link next to there name- it should be me. If that doesn't give the audience a reason to at least consider reading my blog, then consider this- I'm under eighteen. I want people to see how teenagers view politics. Not fend off attacks by guys who have already decided that they want to be a nobody in life. I still control, the career path that I want to take. You are still blogging at the public library. Oh yeah, I'm a sixteen year old aspiring to be a politician and guys like you help me with my debating skillls. Thanks for the practice.

I wonder if this will actually post to the site.

Visit my site. http://chrisbilal.blogspot.com

Just in case this doesnt get published on google groups its on record here. Be the judge of who's blog deserves readers. Visit his at http://dsgood.blogspot.com.

I wanted to alot this time to talk about the RNC but instead. I have to trash this guy.
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