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Thursday, September 02, 2004

These hexes, together with the kit’s ceremonial candle, black magic 'GW' doll, witch's finger, chili powder, spider and more are guaranteed to drive the Bush Administration from public office this November. Send Bush back to Crawford TX with the BushBashBanishment, the Rumsfeld Scream, the Cheney Howl, the Kyoto Revenge and other black magic spells.

100 million Americans and the entire rest of the world can’t be wrong – Bush has got to go!

Light your candle, grab your black magic doll and cast these spells on Oct 28, 2004 (full moon!), November 1 (election eve) and after you vote on November 2. Do your part for America: Vote. Hex. Send the Bush Administration packing.

I'd say this is dumber than George W. Bush Ketchup (for Republicans who don't want their money going to John Kerry's wife). On the other hand, there are people selling the ketchup on eBay -- fully confident that potential buyers won't realize they can get it cheaper from the original sauce source.
From the UK edition of Google News:
Mozart behaving badly
Guardian - 18 hours ago
I'm not the first person to suggest Mozart suffered from Tourette's syndrome. The idea was mooted by a Scandinavian scientist who based his theory on the scatological tone of Mozart's letters.
UK Documentary Suggests Mozart Had Tourette's HealthCentral.com
Composer studies what made Mozart tic Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
News-Medical.net- Webindia123.com - Big News Network.com - The Scotsman - all 14 related »
From EurekAlert http://www.eurekalert.org/pubnews.php:
Public Release: 2-Sep-2004
US plans take-away nuclear power plants
A small, sealed, transportable nuclear reactor could meet the energy needs of developing countries without the risk of by-products getting in the wrong hands for weapons programmes. The sealed units, being developed by the US Department of Energy, would be delivered to a site, and collected when the fuel runs out after about 30 years. Its tamper-proof cask would be monitored and heavily alarmed.

Public Release: 2-Sep-2004
Chimp-sized hominid walked upright on two legs six million years ago
Recent fossil evidence suggests that a hominid, the size of a chimp, walked upright on two legs in Kenya's Tugen Hills, over 6 million years ago --- about 3 million years earlier than "Lucy," the most famous early biped in our lineage.
American Philosophical Society , Sigma Xi


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The bands of ancient Neanderthals that struggled throughout Europe during the last Ice Age faced challenges no tougher than those confronted by the modern Inuit, or Eskimos.

That’s the conclusion of a new study intended to test a long-standing belief among anthropologists that the life of the Neanderthals was too tough for their line to coexist with Homo sapiens.
“Looking at these fossilized teeth, you can easily see these defects that showed Neanderthals periodically struggled nutritionally,” Guatelli-Steinberg said. “But I wanted to know if that struggle was any harder than that of more modern humans.”

And the evidence discounting that theory lies with tiny grooves that mar the teeth of these ancient people.
magic carpet have also been seen in modern literature, movies, and video games, and not always in a classic context. In his comic fairy tale Prince Prigio, Andrew Lang makes one of the hero's christening gifts a magic carpet. Poul Anderson's Operation Chaos features an alternate America in which flying carpets are a major form of transportation, along with brooms. In Super Mario Bros. 2, an enemy named Pidgit rides on a flying carpet. A flying carpet is also a character in the 1992 Disney film Aladdin
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