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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Thursday September 9, 2004. Google News now has three Chinese-language editions: China-centric, Taiwan-centric, and Hong Kong-centric.

***"Free Range Chicken Broth" -- that startled me at first, till I came awake enough to realize it was the chicken that had been free range. Free range broth would be an interesting sight.

***Reread: Jorge Luis Borges, Seven Nights. Among other tidbits: Writers with alternate-world memories of older writers' work. That is, they remember clearly things which aren't to be found in any version of the actual fiction or poetry.

Reading it opens my mind.
Writing: daily exercise -- Done; free-writing.

"They Might Be Windmills" -- About half a scene converted from zero draft to first draft.
Decluttering: Picked up, sorted, threw some things away.


Bodywork: Exercises.
From http://althistory.blogspot.com:
[September 8]in 1974, President Richard Nixon is convicted at his impeachment trial, and removed from office for tampering with the election of 1972. Vice-President Gerald Ford is sworn in as the 38th President of the United States. Ford refuses to pardon Nixon for his crimes, and fires almost all of Nixon’s staff. “Cleaning house is the only way the nation’ll trust our party again,” he told Republican activists.

[September 7]in 1935, physicist Richard C. Tolman published his paper, Parallel Universes & Their Consequences On Our Own, detailing his proof that alternate universes had to exist. While this part of his paper is generally accepted among the scientific community, the second part, which predicted random crossovers from other universes into ours, was largely ignored. It is possible that the reason behind that was the cult that Tolman began in the 40’s, which claimed to be able to control these crossovers.
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