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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Tuesday August 31, 2004. One condition of Utah becoming a state was that the LDS political party had to be dissolved. Mormons became Democrats and Republicans. (The opposition party presumably died a bit later.)

I think American politics would be more interesting if that party had lived. Presumably its members in Congress would caucus with one of the major national parties -- but which one? Possibly it would depend on whether the Republicans or the Democrats offered a better deal that year. And there's the possibility that Senators of that party might caucus with one party, and Representatives with the other.

It probably wouldn't have been practical in the real world. But something similar could be made plausible in fiction.
To Midtown Market, where I bought tomatoes at one stand and stringbeans at another.

Back home via the Hiawatha light rail line -- which now has wastebaskets in the stations.
I have no idea how wastebaskets got left out of the original planning, but apparently they were.

***A truck from ARC was due in my neighborhood in the morning. (ARC used to be the acronym for Association for Retarded Citizens. Now it doesn't mean anything, and they call the people they serve "developmentally disabled." They have thrift shops.)

I looked in a couple of storage things to see if anything in there could go. Decided the storage things could go; they were taking up more space than they saved.
Writing: daily exercise -- Done. But since it's on politics in the world of "They Might Be Windmills," I'm not counting it here.

"They Might Be Windmills" -- See above.

Decluttering: Putting stuff out for ARC.

Mindwork: Various small things, mostly reminders to myself. Sanskrit probably has a word for this.

Bodywork: Reminding muscles to loosen up.
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