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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tuesday September 14, 2004. Primary voting was more trouble than usual.

I went to Walker Methodist old age home, on Lyndale between 37th and 38th. The greeter couldn't find my name on the list. Looked up my street address, and said I should be voting at the Church of New Life, on Nicollect between 35th and 36th. This was annoying; Walker Methodist is closer to my home, and it has an aviary and a reasonably good eatery.

At the Church of New Life, I was told I should be voting at Painter Park. Painter Park sent me to Walker Methodist.

I did not scream or curse when I returned to Walker Methodist.

This time, my name was findable on the list.

The partisan portion of the ballot didn't much matter. There were two offices listed. For Congress, the DFL had a choice between the longterm incumbent and someone whose hobby is running for office. For lower house of the state legislature, there was one candidate for the nomination. I think the Republicans had no contests; the Greens had only a state House of Representatives candidate with no opposition; the Independence Party had no candidates.

The nonpartisan portion -- one person for District Judge, three for Minneapolis school board -- had a lot more competition.

[Later: Everyone I voted for in the primary won.]

***Then I went home, and slept off the cold or whatever I've been having.

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