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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tuesday September 7, 2004. Most important today: something which didn't happen. I had three opportunities to panic, and passed them up.
There was supposed to be a scifi fan Meetup at Betsy's Back Porch. (Coffeehouses didn't use to have names like that.) Since only one other person had RSVPd on Meetup.com for the Minneapolis Meetup, I figured there would be no meeting.

There was, but not the Meetup. The North Country Gaylaxians were there, discussing David Gerrold's novel The Man Who Folded Himself.

North Country Gaylaxians is a good sf-discussion group, and Betsy's Back Porch is a coffeehouse I find comfortable.

***Train of thought: from the song "Yellow Submarine" to "Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines" to the possibility of combining them to the phrase "corpse marines."
Writing: daily exercise --
"They Might Be Windmills" --
Decluttering: Some stuff thrown out.

Mindwork: Short meditations.

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