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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wednesday September 8, 2004. To Pillsbury House, where I did data entry for the Community Barter Network and Pillsbury House's volunteer program.

***I volunteered as Organizer for the Minneapolis scifi Meetup, and meetup.com accepted me. I started putting various sf-related events on the web page.

I'd already volunteered for the local Declutter Meetup. I added a couple of local Clutterers Anonymous meetings to that event listing.
Writing: daily exercise -- Done.

"They Might Be Windmills" -- Some things added, some deleted.
Decluttering: Some stuff given away, some thrown away.

Mindwork: Short meditations.

Bodywork: Freeform exercises.
*New Technology Estimates Fast-Food Demand*
Sep 8, 12:19 PM (ET)

PITTSBURGH (AP) - Do you want fries with that? Never mind, we already know. A Pittsburgh startup, HyperActive Technologies Inc., is testing technology at area fast-food restaurants designed to give kitchen workers a good indication of what customers want before the hungry souls even get close enough to place an order.

The system, known as "HyperActive Bob," is in place in several restaurants around Pittsburgh in a primitive form: It tells employees when they are about to get busy, even how much food to put on the grill.

The system uses rooftop cameras that monitor traffic entering a restaurant's parking lot and drive-thru. Currently, the system is all about volume: If a minivan pulls in, there's apt to be more than one mouth to feed.

By this time next year, HyperActive Technologies expects to have in place software that keys on the type of vehicle entering the parking lot to determine whether the customers they bear are inclined to order, say, a burger over a chicken sandwich.
From http://bna.com:
Walt Disney has lost its bid lost to set aside a lawsuit filed by a local Zulu family in South Africa for royalties from the hit song The Lion Sleeps Tonight. The family of the late Solomon Linda, who composed the original Zulu tune for the song, is claiming 10 million rand (about $2.17 million)in damages from Disney.

The ring of life provides evidence for a genome fusion origin of eukaryotes
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