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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sunday November 21, 2004. Today's Star Tribune has a column by Dick Day, minority leader of the Minnesota Senate:

"....the one hangover I worry about is the loss of good leaders in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

"Recently, we've learned a lot about what it takes to topple 12 public servants. It seems DFL[1] House Leader Matt Entenza wooed the public with intoxicating amounts of 527 money and plenty of negative campaign attacks.

"In the end, the voters probably did what they thought was right -- after being bombarded with negative direct mail and advertising against Republican House members, how else could they vote?


"The common thread that binds these 12 representatives is integrity. They can go home with the knowledge that they took the tough votes, solved a massive state budget deficit and stayed true to their values."

Tsk -- I forgot to mention which party Mr. Day belongs to. Anyone have trouble guessing?

I don't believe him. Legislators whose integrity is unblemished aren't well-liked by party leaders.
They have the nasty habit of voting the wrong way, every now and then -- without the excuse that doing otherwise would cost them needed support from contributors and voters.

I also don't believe the Minnesota Republican Party is composed of angels who would never stoop to negative campaigning. Nor do I think he honestly believes that.

[1] In Minnesota, the Democratic Party is officially the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. There was a merger between the Democratic and Farmer-Labor parties. If there's still any trace of the Farmer-Labor component, I haven't been able to detect it.
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