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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

From stateline.org

Georgia: Senate gets hopping with state amphibian bill
After a week-and-a-half hiatus, the Georgia Senate convened at 1 p.m. today with the first reading of several pieces of legislation, including a bill that would designate the green tree frog as the official state amphibian. By Sonji Jacobs, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (registration)

Nice to know they're concentrating on the important things.

California: Mentally ill kids incarcerated, study finds
WASHINGTON — Due to a lack of community resources, children as young as 8 are routinely incarcerated in California juvenile detention facilities while awaiting mental health care, according to a House study released Monday. By Elise Castelli, Los Angeles Times (registration)

California: Legislator wants inquiry into plan to open prisons
State Sen. Gloria Romero on Monday called on the Bureau of State Audits to investigate the Schwarzenegger administration's decision to reopen two private prisons, one of which employed a consultant and lobbyists close to the governor's inner circle. By Dan Morain, Los Angeles Times (registration)

California: Study of California gun law finds blacks most likely to face felony charges
A study of California's weapons registration law found that blacks were far more likely to be charged with a felony than whites, who were more often charged with a misdemeanor for the same offense. By Don Thompson, The Associated Press, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Colorado: House takes on school bullying
The Colorado House voted Monday to declare this week "No Name-Calling Week" in schools despite some lawmakers' observations that teasing can build character. By Staff Writers, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)

Colorado: Pill for rape victims stirs reservations
A House committee approved a bill Monday that would require all hospitals in Colorado to notify sexual assault victims of the availability of an "emergency contraception" pill to prevent pregnancy. By Jim Hughes, Denver Post

Colorado: Medicaid funding restored for state's legal immigrants
State lawmakers on Monday approved restoring government-funded health insurance benefits to low- income legal immigrants. By Mark P. Couch, Denver Post

Michigan: Health care company fires employees for refusing smoking test
Four employees of a health care company have been fired for refusing to take a test to determine whether they smoke cigarettes. By The Associated Press, The Detroit News

Missouri: Missouri welfare call center moving back to state
A toll-free call center for Missouri welfare recipients will soon be staffed in Missouri, costing taxpayers $1 million more annually than if it had been kept in India. By The Associated Press, Kansas City Star (registration)
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