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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Thursday January 13, 2004. See if you can spot what's wrong with this:

[liberal bias turning off readers] will not be a problem initially for many big-city newspapers that both lead and reflect their liberal constituencies. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Boston Globe and the Washington Post are all pretty much in sync with their hometown sentiments. But there are problems looming for these papers. As the middle class surges into the new exurbia, those liberal and sectarian perceptions will not travel well from the city to the outskirts. Suburban papers, far more attuned to the local sentiments, will be able to seize upon disaffection with the city sophisticates.

Item: He's predicting for the near future something which began happening over fifty years ago. Americans began the big move from cities to suburbs in the 1950s. "City" newspapers have adjusted so thoroughly that urbanites can feel neglected. (Note: When I want to read New York City news, I look up Newsday -- a suburban daily -- rather than the New York Times.)

And many of the people moving to exurbs or new suburbs aren't from the cities. They're from older suburbs.

Beyond that: People don't automagically become conservative Republicans when they move to suburbs or exurbs. Sometimes they change, yes. But even when they do, the places they move to also change.
Via http://stateline.org:
Lawsuit: Legislature is unconstitutional
BY KEVIN O'HANLON / The Associated Press

To heck with fighting City Hall, a Nebraska man upset over his property taxes wants a federal judge to declare the state's one-house Legislature unconstitutional.

James Widtfeldt, an attorney in Atkinson, says in a federal lawsuit that Nebraska's unicameral Legislature is not a Republican form of government guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

"The abbreviated Nebraska Legislature shortchanges Nebraskans," Widtfeldt argues in the lawsuit against state and local tax boards, which were created by the Legislature.

My prediction: Lawsuit headed for defeat.
From the India edition of Google News:
HC bans public display of firearms during polls
Times of India - 8 hours ago
PATNA: The Patna High Court, while taking a dim view of poll candidates and their supporters carrying firearms, ordered on Wednesday for a complete ban on display of firearms at the time of filing of nomination papers as also during campaigning.
HC bans public display of firearms during Bihar polls: New Kerala
Don't display firearms during Bihar polls: HC Rediff
NDTV.com - all 5 related ยป
12:52 pm - Mowing the lawn in Antarctica http://www.livejournal.com/users/sclerotic_rings/701109.html

Courtesy of linkfrenzy, here's a bit of interesting information with some pretty serious repercussions, depending upon your interpretation. The Times reports on the return of grasslands to Antarctica [http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2087-1415627,00.html]: until recently, only two species of flowering plant were known from Antarctica, and both lived at the absolute tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. According to new information, though, large stretches of land that were previously barren are now supporting grass.

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