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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wednesday January 19, 2005. This first item was as predictable as snow in Wyoming in December:

In second term, a fight over direction of GOP
Despite the rare advantage of one-party rule, President Bush has to surmount divisions within his own party. By Gail Russell Chaddock
Christian Science Monitor
To the Founders, Congress was king
The inaugural festivities contrast sharply with quiet Congress ceremonies that the Founding Fathers might have considered much more important. By John Dillin
Christian Science Monitor
From EurekAlert :

Public Release: 18-Jan-2005
Florida Department of Citrus responds to URMC's release on grapefruit-drug interactions
The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) is seeking clarification on allegations about grapefruit-drug interactions made without appropriate scientific support in a University of Rochester Medical Center's press release dated January 17th. The FDOC's first priority is the health of consumers in regards to possible interactions between grapefruit and certain drugs.

Public Release: 19-Jan-2005
Breakthrough in climate research
A long standing puzzle that has haunted climate researchers looking at the fate of carbon stored in the world's soils, has now been resolved. The research suggests that climate warming may be occurring even faster than previously recognised.
Natural Environment Research Council

No need to worry -- Michael Crichton and the current US Administration say there's no problem.

Public Release: 19-Jan-2005
University of Manchester makes made-to-measure skin and bones a reality using inkjet printers
Made-to-measure skin and bones, which could be used to treat burn victims or patients who have suffered severe disfigurements, may soon be a reality using inkjets which can print human cells.

Public Release: 19-Jan-2005
Geophysical Research Letters
Arctic rivers discharge more freshwater into ocean, reflecting changes to hydrologic cycle
Far northern rivers are discharging increasing amounts of freshwater into the Arctic Ocean, due to intensified precipitation caused by global warming. This could change the distribution of water on Earth's surface, with important social and economic consequences. It could alter the balance of the climate system itself, particularly the Atlantic thermohaline circulation. This flow helps keep northern Europe at a temperate climate, whereas the same latitudes in North America are sparsely settled tundra or taiga.
United Kingdom Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs under the Climate Prediction Program

If I understand this correctly, the good news is that London may have lots of lovely snow at Christmas. And at Easter, and Mayday.
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