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Monday, February 07, 2005

From alt.history.future, some guesses:

2008: In the US Presidential election, the Democratic candidate wins. Democratic majority in the Senate; Republicans hold on to the House, but their majority is seriously eroded. Pundits begin predicting the demise of the Republican Party and of conservatism.

2020: There are men on the Moon, again, and on Mars -- from the European Community, China, and India.

Nevada, Arizona, and parts of New Mexico are no longer gaining population; the cost of providing water has driven up the cost of living. The Plains States are gaining population.

Western Canada has gained enough population that Ontario and Quebec no longer have the majority of Canada's population. And at least one province along the Atlantic coast is unexpectedly gaining population.

2024: The Republican candidate wins the US Presidential election. Pundits begin predicting the demise of the Republican Party and of liberalism.

2050: The Republican Party supports gay rights. The Republican Party has always supported gay rights.

The Russian Federation has fallen apart. Russia itself still exists, and still includes Siberia. However, parts of Russia are economically dominated by EU corporations who've moved in to escape rising labor costs in Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Finnish is being heard again in Karelia.

I suspect that the political predictions are what will happen in 2008. I think there is truth there. Bush will do so very much damage in the next 4 years that his party will lose almost everything they have gained. Only the most right-wing Republicans will still like him. He will be remembered as a mediocre president at best. At worst, a terrible president.
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